Appointment: Managing Director Asia Pacific

MagicOrange continues its path of international expansion and has employed the services of Wayne Shearer to develop business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, with particular focus on enterprises in Australia and New Zealand.

With his deep experience as a finance practitioner, Wayne understands the challenges organisations face with allocations and transparency of their cost-base and the value the MagicOrange platform can bring.

Wayne strongly believes that a purpose built IT Financial Management (ITFM) tool like MagicOrange is a must for the business leaders of the future. Wayne’s aim is to establish MagicOrange in the market and lay a foundation for future growth.

IT Financial Management (ITFM) is much more than an allocation and chargeback process, it also enables businesses to understand and optimise technology spend, improve investment governance and inform strategy,” Wayne says.

Wayne’s experience in finance and auditing within banking and insurance, retail, mining and construction; with the last 15 years at senior management level across multi-national organisations, positions him perfectly to offer a ‘practitioner to practitioner’ perspective and solution to potential customers in the region.

MagicOrange reveals the true costs of delivering IT products and services, enabling organisations to optimise IT spend and increase profitability. It enables holistic management of IT spend and improved ways of communicating costs. This allows IT to become a business partner that helps organisations achieve strategic goals instead of being seen as a drain on resources.

International CEO of MagicOrange David Harding says this appointment is indicative of the company’s global aspirations. "We are delighted to have Wayne join our executive team. He is highly skilled and brings a depth of experience and understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with allocation of costs across large corporates and the need for businesses to make informed decisions."

Wayne’s most recent experience comes from a large insurance and bank institution where he was Head of Finance and Advice Shared Services and he will contribute his expertise to ensure MagicOrange is well understood for its unique ability to solve IT and Shared Services cost allocation challenges.

There is an increasing number of organisations in the Asia Pacific region looking for progressive solutions for cost transparency and profitability to increase their competitive edge and to grow the value of their business for the future.

“MagicOrange offers complete self-service to provide the views needed to manage any business. These views enable those organisations to understand and control technology spend, resulting in additional insights and enhanced decision-making,” Wayne explains.

MagicOrange has gained a strong position in the market for IT Financial Management (ITFM) solutions and is recognised as an established offering in Gartner’s latest Market Guide published in March 2021.Wayne’s appointment promises further acceleration of the organisation’s growth in the international market.