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Expert Opinion – Expertise Doesn’t Have Boundaries

MagicOrange is unequaled in the cost transparency space and as such, the company requires its employees to have unique skills. This is why it sources the top talent from around the world.

In a globalized world, it makes sense for organisations to source the top talent from wherever they can, regardless of national boundaries. After all, bringing together people from around the globe offers companies a whole host of new approaches, ideas and mindsets.

MagicOrange is renowned for delivering a powerful cloud-based cost transparency solution, designed to unlock cost optimization opportunities and deliver spending insights. With such an approach to its business, the company feels it is absolutely critical to bring on board the best expertise from around the world. By adding to its ranks people who bring varied work experiences and different perspectives on strategic and organizational challenges, Magic Orange has positioned itself as a leader in this market space.

Bhushan Tambatkar, MagicOrange's Development Lead knows this all too well. The Mumbai, India native comes to MagicOrange by way of global technology consulting businesses in India and the US and joined the company in 2015 in order to focus on database development and the delivery of the development roadmap.

“So my journey – and its unique experiences – has brought me to three continents - from India, via the US, to South Africa,” he says.

Tambatkar suggests that the travel and work experiences he has undertaken have played a significant role in helping him to develop into the person that MagicOrange wanted.

“Working with a global technology company in Chicago, I learned many things, both in terms of work experiences and in respect of other cultures. For example, one thing that I would like to share about my work experience in the US is that for companies there, the most important thing for any software development is to provide complete automation throughout the process. In other words, when creating a solution for any business case, we had to take into account the need for automating processes and minimizing the need for human intervention or people support.”

In keeping with MagicOrange's approach to hiring unique skills, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry, but explains that despite this, his passion has always been computer technology.

“In fact, while I was doing my Bachelor's, I also completed a three-year, part-time course in Software Engineering from a private college. This, coupled with my academic achievements, enabled me to land my first job as an Operations Support Engineer with what was then India's leading telecom company.”

He is also quick to point out that, since MagicOrange is technically a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) offering, hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud, it can be used anywhere in the world. This, in turn, highlights the increasing importance of having people from around the globe both supporting it and playing a role in its future development.

“MagicOrange is designed to help businesses reduce, consolidate and standardize costs, using flexible cost allocation methods. It does this extremely successfully, but as with any solution in today's fast-paced world, it needs constant evolution to differentiate itself in the market. My role is to ensure that new product features are consistently developed in order to keep MagicOrange differentiated from its competition, while at the same time supporting the existing business critical functions.”

Tambatkar adds that in his career working with various investment banking solutions and supporting them, he has learned to look at the problem statement with an analytical approach. This serves him well in his current role at MagicOrange, where it is necessary, in developing the solution further, to introduce a level of automation, while also seeking to make the solution as versatile as possible.

Asked what he considers to be the biggest success of his career so far, he explains that, for him, success is defined by delivering more than is expected.

“Since I joined MagicOrange, we have come a long way in terms of how our product has matured in a fairly brief period. For me, success here was all about addressing some key requirements within the core solution – like generating Standard Rates and creating Financial Journals to integrate with client ERP systems – while at the same time maintaining the momentum of our delivery and continuously enhancing the MagicOrange Product suite.”

With an attitude like that, coupled to his international experience and hard-earned skills, he serves as an ideal example of why MagicOrange insists on drawing from the best available international talent.