Step 3

Data Readiness


  • Having good service usage / consumption and cost data is essential in order to achieve cost transparency and ultimately implement showback / chargeback to the business.
  • Do not wait until you have perfect data, because that will never happen.
  • Work with what data you have and develop a plan to improve it over time.
  • Usage data requirements:
    • Aligned with services and identifies users to the BU / cost center level.
  • Cost data requirements:
    • Needed at the individual service level:
      • Modify GL and chart of accounts.
      • Use tool to align as needed


  • Data quality should be assessed on a quantitative basis so that gaps can be clearly identified, and improvements can be measured over time
  • The assessment should be done for each service and weighted according to cost
  • Usage data should also be assessed and scored in the same manner
  • The data quality heat map is used to provide a visual representation of the assessment results for ease of understanding
  • Assessment results should be used to make decisions regarding treatment for the chargeback model design, e.g., services with high quality cost and usage data could be candidates for unit based charging