MagicOrange Introduces New Feature: PAGINATED REPORTING

MagicOrange’s new Paginated Reporting feature enables its users to render large amounts of data from multiple sources over multiple pages, in a manner optimized for either printing, export to Excel or the generation of PDF files. This functionality allows generating operational reports easy to read and customized for various stakeholders.

These reports are referred to as ‘paginated’ because they are formatted to fit on a page. Paginated Reports can also display all the contents of a table, even in scenarios where a single table spans multiple pages. In addition, it allows users to control their report page layout exactly including the ability to load images and charts into these reports.

MagicOrange’s Paginated Reporting additional functionality is its ability to export reports for distribution to stakeholders in multiple formats. These easy-to-consume formats include PDF, Excel, CSV, Word and PowerPoint, as well as Power BI paginated reports.

What’s more, a single paginated report can have a wide variety of data sources. This combination of different sources allows for the creation of relevant customized dashboards and reports of an entire organization with metrics from different systems, such as: MagicOrange, Sales and CRM systems, ERP systems and more.

Through MagicOrange’s Paginated Reporting users are able to create easily printable reports of multiple page lengths and crafted from multiple data sources, giving them control of their reports and ultimately affording them the opportunity to shift the way business intelligence is delivered and consumed.

Contact us today to learn more about our MagicOrange Paginated Reporting feature and how it can assist your organization.