MagicOrange Introduces New Feature: SELF-SERVICE ANALYTICS

By team of experts at MagicOrange

MagicOrange launches a Self-Service Analytics solution that enables users to develop or customize their own reports, without requiring help from a technical resource. 

MagicOrange understands the importance of the user being able to view their data in their own unique way or requiring analytics view that is not provided as standard. With this in mind, MagicOrange is pleased to announce the addition of a new Self-Service Analytics feature.

By tactically leveraging Microsoft’s power platform, MagicOrange users will find they now have the ability to manage their reports strategically, using the same functionality available in Power BI desktop and the Power BI service directly within MagicOrange. 

Thanks to the release of Self-Service Analytics, these users have now been given the power to develop and design new reports, as well as update and customize existing reports, entirely on their own – without the need for assistance from a technical resource. 

Also by leveraging Microsoft’s Gartner Top Quadrant Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization capabilities, clients of any skill level will find they can create reports on the fly. This will enable them to quite easily answer any potentially tricky questions from stakeholders. 

The key benefits of Self-Service Analytics are: 

  • Customers are enabled to own their reports and data and to flexibly and easily view their data however they feel fit. 
  • It allows for bespoke views and the creation of ad-hoc reports, to answer questions from stakeholders. 
  • The tool affords customers the opportunity to brand the reports according to their own specifications. 

MagicOrange’s Self-Service Analytics solution empowers all users with the ability to perform real time reporting, the opportunity to analyze their data, the capability to enable conversations and to drive informed decision making on Shared Services spend, as well as so much more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our MagicOrange Self-Service Analytics feature and how it can assist your organization.