MagicOrange Introduces Revolutionary New Feature: COMMENTARY

By team of experts at MagicOrange MagicOrange’s new Commentary feature ensures deeper insight and analysis on reported data. 

The MagicOrange Commentary tool adopts the principle of shared knowledge as the best foundation on which to develop genuinely informed business decisions and promote increased stakeholder clarity and greater visibility of vital data – something that will enable the enterprise to drive business initiatives forward through shared contextual analysis and feedback.

To this end, MagicOrange is proud to announce its latest feature: Commentary. This is a solution designed to provide users with the ability to capture commentary on any report, to add depth and exposition behind the numbers on the page. 

The addition of greater levels of context will no doubt aid business understanding and drive informed organizational decision making, by enabling users to provide insight and analysis to data and reports directly. 

Among the most important benefits the Commentary feature provides are: 

  • It allows clients to provide the contextual information behind the numbers – this is vital in aiding understanding and helping to drive more informed decision making. 
  • Enables users to more clearly articulate the value their shared servicesare offering. 
  • Allows users bookmark the state of any report, share it and return to that state. 
  • Provides the ability to save their favorite views with personalized bookmarks. 
  • Allows for collaborative commentary, as different stakeholders are able to provide their inputs and comments in a single place. 
  • Ensures that the history of comments is maintained, for the purposes of integrity. 
  • Enables informed decision making by combining the cost model with practical and relevant commentary. 
  • Play a key role in driving the right business conversations. 

Ultimately, Commentary encourages more informed choices, by combining the cost model with commentary. This in turn allows clients to add the story behind the numbers, as well as any other relevant context, to aid in clearly understanding the data and forming logical conclusions from this information. 

It is a solution that significantly improves the enterprise’s ability to take effective decisions, by fostering increased organizational engagement and knowledge sharing, while at the same time ensuring clear, contextual accuracy within the broader business environment. 

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