MagicOrange’s progressive feature: CLOUD INSIGHTS

By team of experts at MagicOrange:

MagicOrange’s new Cloud Insights feature gives you transparency into, and control over, your Cloud spend. Cloud has fundamentally shifted the IT landscape and global adoption of Cloud services has accelerated exponentially. If your organization is taking advantage of the enhanced value and flexibility offered by the Cloud, MagicOrange now enables full and automated visibility into your Cloud spend.

You need to ensure your costs do not spiral out of control. Cloud Insights allows businesses to gain this vital control. It does this by connecting to multiple cloud providers, automating the collection of cost- and billing-related data, and providing transparency into Cloud consumption and costs in a single place.

The key benefits of Cloud Insights, now available within the MagicOrange platform, are:

  • Cost Management through Transparency: gain complete visibility into your Cloud costs and benefit from frequent visibility to detect trends and anomalies. Waiting for month-end is not an option with the Cloud.
  • Management of Tags: cost models require appropriate tagging to identify beneficiaries and consumers of Cloud services. Within MagicOrange, you can slice and analyze your costs by tags, and identify master data that may need remediation. Changes can easily be reintroduced.
  • Integration: integrate Cloud costs into your existing ITFM/TBM model to monitor Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and compare this to on-premise options.
  • Automation: Cloud data can be voluminous and immensely granular. Standardizing this data enables easy inclusion into your cost allocation model.

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