Glashoff Maughan Consulting

Glashoff Maughan Consulting provides you with rare and valuable subject matter expertise, methodologies and tools to assist you, hands on, with your business challenges.

These challenges are addressed through the development, implementation and adoption of industry best practice strategies – combined with many years of experience across a range of industries.

At GMC intellectual property is offered in six distinct IT Business disciplines. Within each we have experienced and highly capable personnel to assist you with your exact requirement.

– Strategy & Governance
– ICT Financial Planning
– Project Services
– IT Service Management & Sourcing
– GMC Academy (Training)
– Services for ICT Companies

The essence of GMC’s value lies in their ability to not only recommend, but to aid your people to do the job right. It is their ongoing aim to assist our customers to improve business performance through analysis of existing business problems in their fields of speciality, and to develop workable future plans.

GMC’s consulting services may involve the identification and cross-fertilization of best practices, analytical techniques, change management and coaching skills, technology implementations, strategy development or even the simple advantage of an outsider’s perspective. GMC has the benefit of hindsight from our wide customer base – allowing you to leverage our depth of experience.

Their Management Consulting services, particularly in the fields of process mapping, processes reengineering and project management is becoming more prevalent in non-IT related fields as diverse as financial services, mining, media, fleet management, and infrastructure services.

Analysing, planning, and coaching at all levels is what GMC does best.

Contact the team at GMC to find out how to control your costs and unlock optimisation opportunities through Magic Orange Cost Transparency solution and any data analytics solutions.

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South Africa

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