Monocle Solutions is a specialist management consulting company, focusing on executing on data related projects within the banking and insurance industry. With over 20 years’ worth of experience servicing some of the largest players in the financial services industry, Monocle is synonymous with providing practical solutions to the finance, treasury, risk, compliance and regulatory teams across its UK and SA client base.

Their expertise lie in assisting teams in executing in any projects that touch on components of data – they are generally referred to as “plumbers of data” – and assist companies with implementing a myriad of technology platforms. Their subject matters of areas are within the risk, compliance, finance, treasury and regulatory departments within financial services.

Monocle Solutions offer access to over 200+ dedicated staff of varying backgrounds. Their people have backgrounds in finance (CA, CFA, FRM) or engineering and are skilled in various tech languages such SQL, Python, R and PowerBI. Monocles’ teams can offer your business an understanding of business problems, practical solutions and the expertise to execute on the solutions.


13th Floor, Greenpark Corner,
3 Lower Road,
Morningside, Sandton,
South Africa

+27 11 263 5800