Thavron Solutions

Thavron Solutions is a Business Service consulting and technology solutions company that assists organizations in defining, modelling, costing and managing their services to improve bottom line performance.

Thavron was founded by practitioners and data scientists who saw a future where service managers within a company use data-driven discussions to understand and deliver real value to the business value streams. With decades of practitioner experience in large corporations, they have spent the last decade helping corporations including multiple Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies, international NGOs and government agencies mature their ITFM / TBM practices.

Having built a collaborative team with their clients for both advisory and implementation engagements, they create strategic and tactical roadmaps at the end of an ITFM / TBM engagement so that their clients can continue to grow. Thavron works with a variety of software/platform/tool providers and brings their own proprietary algorithms and insights into the process to allow engagement teams to work smarter and make better decisions about the data that will drive their solutions.

For Thavron Solutions, the excitement comes as they watch clients mature, find real strategic value in their services and continue to use the methodologies and tools that they have helped them implement, while saving them millions of dollars a year.