MagicOrange Prism

Creating Value through Transparency. MagicOrange is a cloud-native product designed to drive transparency and simplicity into your profitability and costing processes. Discover the drivers of cost and profitability while providing easy-to-understand insight for all stakeholders involved.

Capabilities Of
The MagicOrange Prism

Bill Of Services

Enable Showback And Chargeback

Produce a granular, defendable bill of services

  • Clearly show what and why costs are charged to cost centres
  • Drive positive behaviour around cost accountability
  • Empower consumers to understand how to control costs

Self Service BI

Gain Insights Into Profitability And Costs

Cutting edge dashboards and analytics provide meaningful decision support

  • Empower cost centre owners and consumers through self-service analytics
  • Drill down into areas of interest and investigate with powerful analysis tools
  • Designed to provide relevant views and insight for executives, managers and consumers

Total Cost of Ownership

Manage The True TCO Of Products And Services

Determine the true cost of delivering products and services

  • Transparently show direct and indirect costs charged to each product and service
  • Discover outlier product and service costs
  • Identify TCO trends over time

Unit Rates

Calculate The Unit Cost Of Providing Services

Provide consumers a way to understand the impact of their consumption

  • Automatically account for both direct and indirect cost inputs
  • Integrated calculation engine is designed to scale for large volumes
  • Prevent bad patterns of consumption by showing how unit rates are determined

Profitability Modelling

Build Easy To Understand Models

Build credibility through transparent self-service visual models

  • Flexible modelling and allocation capabilities
  • Integrated pricing engine designed to handle granular allocation detail
  • Visually trace how revenue and costs flow through models


Run It Like A Business

Implement a value management framework for decision making by CIOs, CTOs, CFOs and their teams.

  • Reveal true costs and consumption of services, projects, infrastructure, apps and more
  • Measure TCO, enabling tackling of technical debt and other often-hidden costs
  • Create productive conversations using a common language between IT, Finance, and Business Units

Best in Class Reporting

All included as standard in MagicOrange Prism

Tell your story using the Gartner Magic Quadrant leading data and analytics tool, Microsoft Power BI

  • Leverage Power BI for rich, interactive and compelling visualisations with unlimited detail
  • Automate monthly reporting with a single click
  • Allow stakeholders to explore your ITFM data and answer their own queries
  • Get going quickly with out-of-the-box template reports and data models

Service Catalog

User Friendly Service Catalog

Provide an easy way for employees to understand the services in your organisation

  • Allow business users to see relevant details about services they are being charged for
  • Powerful search to find services quickly

Resource Planning

Accurately Plan Resource Costs For Projects And Services

Efficiently forecast and track time spent on projects and services

  • Increase credibility of project and service charges based on actual time spent
  • Plan resource time ahead for use with budgeting cycles
  • Automatically use time allocations as a basis within cost allocation models

Benefits of Using MagicOrange Prism

MagicOrange Cost Transparency unlocks cost optimisation opportunities for businesses by producing targeted, actionable information relating to business costs.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Increase decision-making quality within your organisation through accurate insight into the costs of running your shared services.

Drive Business Value

Convert the conversation from cost to value and create a common language for service providers and service consumers to talk to each other.

Reduce Manual Effort

Spend more time analysing and less time managing data and spreadsheets. Moving your processes out of manual spreadsheets drives efficiency, accuracy and ensures your people can spend their time adding value to your organisation.