Press Release – Karabina and Magic Orange to Deliver the Next Level of Cost Transparency

MagicOrange and Karabina sign partnership agreement to deliver the benefits of a progressive cost transparency platform to a wider range of clients.

As the leader in cost transparency in South Africa, MagicOrange provides a cost transparency platform that is a powerful cloud-based solution, which offers the required granular understanding of costs that is needed in the modern services-focused world. When it comes to truly understanding costs, the shared services environment is an extremely complex one. This is why cost transparency is so crucial to any enterprise – it facilitates true cost visibility, which enables significant cost savings and the improvement of profitability.

Karabina, which has a national footprint in South Africa and customers across Africa, the Middle East and Europe, was formed in 2001 and is part of the iSPartners group of companies. The organization’s goal is to provide relevant and innovative technology solutions and services that deliver outstanding value and help people in business to succeed.
Within the Office of Finance, Karabina understands the key role that finance plays in managing increasing business risk, regulatory compliance, reducing costs and improving profit margins.

MagicOrange’s vision is to empower its clients to be successful custodians of their business and to be a globally recognized expert and trusted partner in profitability and cost transparency. With this in mind, the company is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Karabina, an organization that is renowned for delivering relevant and impactful technology solutions of the highest quality. The alignment of MagicOrange’s strategy and the capabilities and expertise of Karabina promises to be a highly successful one.

“MagicOrange is really excited about this partnership, as both our enterprises are built on the principles of utilizing technology to provide clients with greater value, increased efficiencies and significant cost-savings. Karabina has received regular global recognition from Microsoft for its success as a Microsoft channel partner. We value the partnership with Karabina and expect this relationship to assist us in increasing the market share of the cost transparency solution and the unique benefits it offers to a wide range of clients,” says Malcolm Stewart, business development manager at MagicOrange.

Jean-Pierre Strydom, Karabina Corporate Performance Management (CPM) competency lead says, “The inclusion of MagicOrange’s cost transparency and optimization solution into Karabina’s current CPM offering will further strengthen our ability to partner with the office of finance delivering end to end performance management solutions with transparency and trust in data at the forefront of our value proposition to customers. The newly found ability to have insight into data and making the costs and allocation processes transparent to business will ensure that executives are able to challenge the status quo and make decisions that drive the business forward, utilizing actionable business information - optimizing performance and decision making processes”.

“The combination of two dynamic companies is not only beneficial to both organisations, but more critically, is of enormous value to our joint clients, whom we will now be able to assist in driving their cost efficiencies to the next level by offering the MagicOrange solution together with the depth of Karabina’s skilled consulting team”, concludes Stewart.