MagicOrange is recognised as a leading ITFM solution

Omdia has recently published a report on the unique position of MagicOrange in the field of IT cost transparency and overall IT Financial Management. This report forms a part of the “On the Radar” series, in which Omdia’s analysts uncover vendors with innovative ideas and products, highlighting the advantages to the potential vendors and customers.

Why put MagicOrange on your radar?

By Terry White, Associate Senior Analyst, Enterprise Technology Advisory Services

If your IT cost visibility and cost allocations are ambiguous or even absent, MagicOrange can provide this visibility. MagicOrange’s focus on ITFM and strategy of linking to standard Microsoft analysis and reporting tools means that much of the functionality will already be known to your staff. As a result, your time-to-value cycle is shortened

MagicOrange is one of only two pure-play solutions with a global reach and is developed by practitioners with hands-on experience. A clear strategy from the outset, the MagicOrange platform is a cloud-native solution deployed on Microsoft Azure. This distinguishing feature is significant, as these Microsoft skills readily exist in most enterprises, allowing for straightforward platform adoption and increasing speed to insight. These Microsoft tools are also business tools, rather than technical tools, making MagicOrange a tool for analysts rather than technical engineers, which is a critical success factor in driving business value.

The platform is designed to drive transparency and simplicity into profitability and costing processes while providing easy-to-understand insights for all stakeholders involved. The platform enables data-driven decisions, drives business value, and reduces manual effort through the following capabilities:

  • Profitability modeling - building credibility through transparent self-service visual models The total cost of ownership - identifying and managing the actual cost of products and services
  • Unit rates - determining the actual unit cost of providing services
  • Service catalogs - creating user-friendly service catalogs that can be embedded with the organization
  • Resource planning - accurate planning resource costs for projects and services
  • Self-service BI - gaining insights into profitability and costs
  • Bill of service - enabling showback and chargeback
  • Asset utilization - understanding how effective or underutilized existing assets and services are
  • Reciprocal charging - recognizing that the IT Division itself consumes IT and other divisional allocations to an unmatched level by other tools

MagicOrange works with clients at all levels of maturity within its finance organization, from those who want to build and operate a transparent and defendable allocations process, to those wanting to understand their applications’ total cost of ownership (TCO).

For more details on Omdia researcher's views on MagicOrange download the full ‘On the Radar’ report by clicking the button below.