An easy-to-follow framework for implementing an effective IT Financial Management (ITFM) program in your organization.

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Our Customer Testimonials

The Foschini Group – Head of Finance IT & Logistics

“The two biggest game changers for us were the manner in which MagicOrange brought together the cost transparency and a credible recharge model based on consumption of services as opposed to just a cost allocation model. This will further assist us in optimizing costs and an important step to calculate ROCE at a brand level. The MagicOrange team fully delivered on our challenges and exceeded our expectation in the way their experts understand and care for our business success.”

International Bank & Asset Management Company – Head of IT Finance

“Very impressed with where we got in such a short time with using MagicOrange.”

Exxaro Resources – Chief Information Officer

“Now, more than ever, we have a clear need for an ITFM solution and look forward to realising significant benefits on a number of fronts. Even though we are only at the start of our ITFM journey with MagicOrange, we are already seeing significant progress in the desired direction.”

Financial Services Company – Finance Specialist

“We've been getting great service from the team, and it's great that our feedback gets incorporated into future versions of the product, sometimes in better ways than we were asking for initially.”

The Foschini Group – Finance Manager

“The model is very good once implemented and fully understood. The support from MagicOrange is incredible. Always ready to assist and the updates create efficiencies.”

Exxaro Resources – Financial Accountant

"MagicOrange assisted Exxaro with visibility and streamlining the allocation process, which directly contributed to streamlining the budget and forecast process."  

International Investment Bank – Financial Manager

"MagicOrange takes the pressure off of the Finance IT resource, as accountants can view their own charges at a granular level."

Financial Services Company – Cost Accountant

"It used to take us 6 months to complete a full cost allocation in Excel, having three large models close to 100MB each. With the use of Power Query and MagicOrange, this has reduced significantly."

Financial Services Provider – Head of IT Application Support

"Engaging with the team is value-adding and productive, over and above the product itself. I value the support, dedication, and the approachability of the consultants."

Pranesh Mahadeo – ABSA Technology COO

I remember sitting in a boardroom a few years ago where an executive told me, “there is no magic in your Rotten Orange”! Having walked the journey of the ITFM Pathway to Success, and to have got to the point where this tool is now core and fundamental to our cost management journey across technology and being scaled to other functions, is great to see ! Looking forward to much more to come.