Budgeting & Forecasting

Create commercially accurate and relevant Budgets, Forecasts, and What-If scenarios rapidly and at scale. With MagicOrange you can generate many different scenarios such as Budget, Forecasts, and What-If scenarios at varying levels of granularity. Seamlessly integrate these into a cost model to rapidly show your scenario from different views of your spend for various stakeholders.

Having the ability to plan and manage multiple scenarios such as budget, actuals, forecasts, migrating to cloud, and the outsourcing of certain services are essential to your organisation's effective cost management and strategic planning.

Reduce the turnaround time for budget and forecast cycles and spend more time gaining valuable insights.

Do You Need Assistance With Any of the Following?

Are your budget cycles too long?

Is producing defendable Budgets and Forecasts a significant effort?

Do you struggle to translate Budgets and Forecasts into chargeback and Business Units views?

Do you lack accuracy & accountability?

Is your Budget process manual and spreadsheet based?

Do you struggle with controlling different Budget versions?

MagicOrange Can Help You Realize These Benefits

Consolidate and control the Budget & Forecast process

Perform Service Costing under many scenarios

Rapidly play out a scenario for services and business units

Create detailed defendable Budgets

Align resources with products and services that drive the most value

Better predict future products or services spend and revenues

Create accurate what-if scenarios that can be explained

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Whitepaper - Effective Allocation Methods

We bring clarity to allocation methods and how they influence your cost modelling

MagicOrange supports all allocation configurations and has the ability to cater for all known allocation methods. MagicOrange experts assist our customers in deciding on the best allocation methodology based on the organizational structure culture, strategy and reporting requirements associated with their chargeback needs. In order for Business Units to determine true profitability, their usage of Shared Services must be determined.  A charge back mechanism facilitates this and aids in driving organizationally aligned behavior. The most equitable and defendable basis for allocations is based on real world consumption. Follow the link to download the full report.

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