ITFM Pathway
to SuccessSM

In order to achieve the benefits of an effective IT Financial Management (ITFM) program, a series of planned steps must be taken over a period of time.  There are no quick fixes, as changes to people, process, and technology are Organisation Change Management principles need to be followed so that effective adoption occurs. Our "Pathway To SuccessSM" provides an easy-to-follow framework for undertaking this journey.

7Benefits Realization
Continuously monitor the level of internal customer satisfaction against their initial expectationsLearn More
Improve demand & expense forecasting of ITLearn More
5Service Costing & Benchmarking
Calculate the actual unit cost of providing IT servicesLearn More
Design and implement an automated cost model, leveraging an IT Financial Management ToolLearn More
3Data Readiness
Ensure high quality service consumption and cost dataLearn More
2Service Definition
Define services to ensure IT services charges are transparentLearn More
1Assess & Plan
Understand current and target ITFM maturity levels, identify improvement areas, document customer satisfaction, and develop plan for successLearn More


  • Improved business unit satisfaction with IT
  • Improved IT cost efficiency
  • IT being seen as a value provider & partner

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A framework designed to guide decision makers through a step-by-step process to help them drive cost optimisation throughout their organization by approaching savings initiatives systematically and holistically, from the perspective of both IT supply and business demand.

Who does ITFM Pathway
to Successsm help?

Pathway To
ITFM Maturity

MagicOrange recognises the complexity of the overall journey to ITFM maturity. Its experts will provide customers with a progressive cloud-based ITFM tool and professional guidance that brings full transparency into the value of technology in the organisation.


Current and future state ITFM maturity determined and executable plan for success developed

Well defined set of customer facing services that set the foundation for ITFM

Strong understanding of financial and consumption data readiness with plans for improvement

ITFM processes automated via the MagicOrange leading ITFM software solution

Improved business unit satisfaction with IT

Improved IT cost efficiency

IT being seen as a value driver and partner

Why MagicOrange?

MagicOrange is an established ITFM solution and successfully implemented at a number of large and international enterprises across various industries. Recognised by Gartner, it provides business leaders with the means to understand and communicate the value of technology investment.

MagicOrange assists customers through their ITFM and cost transparency journey by helping to drive profitability and unlock value. It provides actionable insights that will drive business transformation and future growth.

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