Profitability & Costing

For many enterprises, understanding the true cost and profitability of products and services is not easy. Frequently the costs related to creating products and services are complex and involve long value chains of activities and shared services such as IT.

With MagicOrange you can accurately model the complex provider-consumer relationships and allocate shared services costs using measurable and controllable drivers. Unlock cost optimisation opportunities for your organisation by producing targeted, actionable information relating to business costs.

Do You Need Assistance With Any of the Following?

Are you using shared services efficiently?

Are you able to determine the true business cost of delivering services?

Are you able to demonstrate that the services are profitable?

Does your business struggle to measure asset utilisation effectively?

Are you ready to offer your products as a service to customers?

Do you have a detailed Service Catalogue that includes costing?

Can you determine how much of our spend is on innovation versus operational?

MagicOrange Can Help You Realize These Benefits

Define profitability of Shared Services

Empower business units to make smarter decisions around shared services usage

Increase profitability through more efficient use of shared service resources

Quick return on investment with fast and easy deployment process

Understand profitability & costs of all areas of your organisation

Unlock cost optimisation opportunities in your business and save

Utilise assets efficiently

Reduce manual effort

Get accurate profit margins

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Profitability and Cost Transparency of Shared Services

Transforming the way businesses see their costs

One of the most challenging parts of functionally mastering and executing a costing methodology is the allocation of shared services costs across the organization.  MagicOrange Profitability & Cost Transparency processes financial and shared services data, allowing the creation of cost allocation models and KPIs resulting in high-value insight into costs.

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Who MagicOrange Helps

Shared Services

Struggles to defend the true cost of shared services and measure asset utilisation effectively

  • Understand shared services spend
  • Predict future shared services spend
  • Find opportunities to run shared service departments more effectively


Experiences difficulty in allocating complex shared service costs

  • Understand and manage the total cost of ownership of shared products and services
  • Create accurate budgets which can be explained
  • Be empowered to show shared service spend and future requirements

Business Units

Has an incomplete view of allocated shared services costs

  • Be empowered to make smart decisions concerning the use of shared services
  • Understand and address inefficient usage of shared services
  • Receive a true profit margin for delivering services and products to market