Control Costs And Build Value Of Your Business

IT Financial Management / TBM

ITFM (& TBM) reveals the true cost of delivering IT products and services. It helps organizations optimize IT spend and increase profitability. See how MagicOrange can expedite your ITFM or TBM journey by providing enhanced insights to your processes.

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Profitability & Costing

Understanding the true profitability in a Shared Services environment can be difficult. With MagicOrange you can accurately model the complex provider-consumer relationships and allocate shared services costs using measurable and controllable drivers.

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Shared Services Cost Allocations

Cost allocations are vital to organisations leveraging a Shared Services operating model. MagicOrange can accommodate any cost allocation model and bring insight, stability, security and automation to your cost allocation process.

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Showback & Chargeback

Showback and Chargeback allow informed decisions around Shared Services consumption. Use MagicOrange to introduce a showback / chargeback process or increase the cadence and automation of an existing chargeback or showback process.

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Planning & Analysis

Support finance's efforts to manage financial planning, budgeting, modeling, and performance reporting. MagicOrange reduces the turnaround time for budget and forecast cycles and allows you to spend more time gaining valuable insights.

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Cost Optimisation

With total cost transparency, uncover opportunities to reduce inefficient spend and redirect funds to higher value initiatives. Utilizing MagicOrange you will promote cost accountability by cost center owners with clear facts around usage and cost.

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ITFM Pathway

In order to achieve the benefits of an effective IT Financial Management (ITFM) program, a series of planned steps must be taken over a period of time.  There are no quick fixes, as changes to people, process, and technology are Organization Change Management principles need to be followed so that effective adoption occurs. Our "Pathway To SuccessSM" provides an easy-to-follow framework for undertaking this journey.

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Cloud Financial Management

Maximize value from cloud by clearly understanding the usage and drivers of all cloud spend. MagicOrange enables you to automatically connect into Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform to control cloud costs and promotes fair showback or chargeback.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Create commercially accurate and relevant Budgets, Forecasts, and What-If scenarios rapidly and at scale. With MagicOrange you can generate many different scenarios such as Budget, Forecasts, and What-If scenarios at varying levels of granularity. Seamlessly integrate these into a cost model to rapidly show your scenario from different views of your spend for various stakeholders. […]

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