IT Financial Management (ITFM) / TBM

ITFM (& Technology Business Management) is an active program which enables a business to understand and optimise technology spend, improve investment governance and inform strategy. It is much more than an allocation and chargeback process.

MagicOrange can help you to leverage ITFM / TBM to drive cost optimisation throughout your organisation by approaching savings initiatives systematically and holistically, from the perspective of both IT supply and business demand.

Do You Need Assistance With Any of the Following?

Are you spending too much time wrangling data in Excel?

Are your IT costs unmanaged and uncontrolled?

Are you struggling to defend or articulate what business value IT provides?

Is IT disconnected from the rest of the business?

Does the business make IT decisions without you?

Is IT treated like an expense center rather than value adding partner?

MagicOrange Can Help You Realize These Benefits

Reveal true cost and consumption of services, projects, infrastructure …

Eliminate reliance on manual spreadsheets and processes

Maximise the value from your technology investments

Drive cost accountability through transparency

Measure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Accelerate business-aligned decisions with reliable facts

Demonstrate quick return on investment with fast and easy deployment process

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Technology Business Management

Management framework that helps IT departments to achieve their potential

MagicOrange offers TBM solutions to provide technology leaders with standards and validated best practices to communicate the cost, quality, and value of IT investments to their business partners. Successful TBM solutions implemented with MagicOrange include 5 major focus areas: Taxonomy & Service Catalog, Cost Model, KPI Metrics, IT System and Operational Framework.

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Who MagicOrange Helps


Struggles to defend the true cost of IT and measure IT asset utilisation

  • Clearly understand IT spend and total cost of ownership
  • Make fact-based decisions
  • Find opportunities to simplify, optimise, standardise, centralise, automate or renegotiate IT products, services or vendors


Have trouble in understanding the impact of scenario changes on the allocation of complex products or service costs

  • Understand and manage the impact to the total cost of ownership (TCO) and revenues of products or services following a change in scenario
  • Create accurate what if “budgets” that can be explained
  • Show how revenue or spend on products or services will be impacted over time

Business Units

Has an incomplete view of allocated shared services costs

  • Be empowered to make smart decisions concerning the use of shared services
  • Understand and address inefficient usage of shared services
  • Receive a true profit margin for delivering services and products to market