Showback & Chargeback

Give your stakeholders insight that allows them to make astute consumption choices by providing highly granular results coupled with relevant reports and analytics. Wherever you are in your cost allocation journey, leverage MagicOrange to expedite your journey and increase your cadence, output, accuracy and insights of your allocation process. Move from annual time consuming and resource intensive manual processes to many automated iterations in a month.

What is Showback?
Showback is Showing your stakeholders insight into what their consumption and related IT/Shared Service allocation would be. Showback is typically informative and for management reporting purposes.

What is Chargeback?
Chargeback is simply show back that is then reflected into your organisation’s general ledger via a journal where consuming business unit’s consumption is recovered from them.

Do You Need Assistance With Any of the Following?

Do your business partners consume shared services like they are free?

Are you planning to start building a showback and chargeback process?

Is your showback and chargeback calculation process too onerous and time consuming?

Are you taking a long time to get to a showback/chargeback process?

MagicOrange Can Help You Realize These Benefits

Implement smarter usage of shared service resources

Increase shared services credibility via increased transparency

Shifts the conversation from cost to value

Calculate accurate profit margins

Feed accurate data into your budgeting cycle

Expose what levers consumers can control to manage their charges

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Cost Optimisation At The Foschini Group

The importance of robust and granular chargeback model in retail environment

To determine a total cost of ownership (TCO) it is vital for organisations to place a single value on the complete life cycle of a capital purchase. This value includes every phase of ownership, from acquisition through operation, and includes the softer costs of change management, such as documentation and training. "The MagicOrange team fully delivered on our challenges and exceeded our expectation in the way their experts understand and care for our business success,” states our customer.

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Who MagicOrange Helps

Shared Services

Struggles to defend the true cost of shared services and measure asset utilisation effectively

  • Understand shared services spend
  • Predict future shared services spend
  • Find opportunities to run shared service departments more effectively


Experiences difficulty in allocating complex shared service costs

  • Understand and manage the total cost of ownership of shared products and services
  • Create accurate budgets which can be explained
  • Be empowered to show shared service spend and future requirements

Business Units

Has an incomplete view of allocated shared services costs

  • Be empowered to make smart decisions concerning the use of shared services
  • Understand and address inefficient usage of shared services
  • Receive a true profit margin for delivering services and products to market